an exploration of the many types of cyclical phenomena
exploration - noun - a thorough examination of a subject.
cyclical - adjective - occurring in cycles; recurrent.
phenomena - plural noun - a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.
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loopNature natural recursion
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loopCode logical iteration
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   natural recursion
- article link - photo & animation

Structural loops exist everywhere in nature. Their physical strength and spread has been naturally optimised through evolution over millenia. These properties have been analysed and replicated by humankind in myriad ways.
In Natural Networks, Strength in Loops
In the complex architecture that ferries fluids in plants and brains, scientists are finding a model of resilience....

⋗ Scientific American article ⋖
dragonfly wing
Magnetic fields which are created structurally from gravitational stress also appear to create loops which flow from magnetic pole to pole or simply reverse on themselves when the field polarity inverts.
In this animation of a solar flare the gases involved explode outwards but, rather than being dispersed randomly, are drawn back along the same paths and curvature from which they originated.
(animation created by inputforcolor)
solar flare

    ostinato riff loop
- audio & video

It could be argued that the terms 'ostinato' 'riff' & 'loop' all mean the same thing; i.e. a repetition of musical phrases. However, each of these terms is differentiated by musical genre as well as by slight variations in idiosyncratic properties and/or behaviour.
ostinato progression
riff repetition & loop sampling

    logical iteration
- article link - text & diagram

iteration - noun
repetition of a mathematical or computational procedure applied to the result of a previous application, typically as a means of obtaining successively closer approximations to the solution of a problem.
program loop
for loop
program code stipulates how many iterations in the loop

while loop
program enters the loop process and runs through the first iteration prior to testing the condition

do-while loop
program tests the condition prior to entering the loop process

⋗ More details in this Tutorials Point article ⋖

   pattern algorithms
- text & diagram

chaos theory _ a case of 'mind over matter'?
"Before I had studied I saw mountains as mountains and waters as waters. Later, after much education and learning, I perceived that mountains were not mountains and waters were not waters. But now that I have completely understood, I can see mountains once again as mountains and waters once again as waters."
derived from Qingyuan Weixin - 9th century scholar
finger prints
At this point it would be perfectly acceptable to open a detailed discussion on the mathematical similarities between fingerprints and mandelbrot patterning; perhaps starting with the individuality inherent in every version of both these phenomena.
Alternatively, from a practical perspective, it's probably sufficient to point out that fingerprint loops which point towards the thumb are referred to as 'radial', whereas loops that lean in the other direction are called 'ulna'.
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